AIMSCreative ยท bird sound

O how I miss our chats and friendly banter
Our discussions with no right or wrong answer
Lifting our mood and focusing on what matters
We are poets and writers, artists and crafters
Expressing ourselves, through tears and laughter

I miss the tea, the bickies, the cakes and cookies
but have now discovered that I can see my tootsies!!!

Looking forward to when we can meet again
With heartfelt thanks
Look at me
What do you see?
Only what you want me to be

I wear a mask to conceal my pain
to hide my tears that I can't explain

I've come to a crossroad on my journey
Life's journey
I'm so confused

But, I hold on to a glimmer of hope
Hope that I will get better
To be strong
To be free
Free to be who I want to be